Stats and information sourced from How Shopper Insights are Fueling Retail Progress, Research Report (Alteryx)


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Shopper Insights: From Chaos to Order

This webcast explores the massive influx of shopper data retailers are dealing with and then new sources of data regularly coming out. It culminates in bringing together best practices today with a roadmap into the future. 

Join us as we take the path from chaos back to order so retailers have access to data, effective tools and methods that successfully bring together the online-offline world. Get powerful access to step into the unknown in order to discover new sources for shopper insights, and methods to bring insights into your own business to ultimately transform how you see and implement new technologies. 

During the webcast, attendees will learn:

  • Discover new technologies opening up new shopper insights
  • How to use these powerful new insights to drive business
  • Best practices for implementing new insights into your organization

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Featured Speakers

Gary Hawkins


CEO and Co-Founder

Shopper Insights: 

From Chaos to Order

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Nathaniel Jones

Neimann Foods

Director of Consumer Engagement

“Retail is a customer business. You’re trying to take care of the customer—solve something for the customer. And there’s no way to learn that in the classroom or in the corner office…”

– Erik Nordstrom, President, Nordstrom Direct

Sterling Hawkins


Head of Venture & Innovation


Report that insights are critical to their organizational performance.

State of the Industry

Shopper insights drawn from sales data and from loyalty data are well established in the marketplace and driving value for key retailers. There is a major opportunity for retailers to leverage insights from new data sources - things like in-store location analytics, shopper mood measurement, etc. - to create new value for the retailer and for the shopper.

Traditional retailers are being squeezed from below by low cost competitors like Aldi, Lidl, and General Dollar and from above by retailers like Whole Foods and Wegmans. At the same time, retailers are competing with digital deities like Amazon who are fundamentally changing the game through their use of tech-driven innovation. In this environment, retail success is driven by putting the shopper at the center of everything a retailer does and leveraging shopper insights is quickly becoming a cost of entry. New technologies are providing new sources of data about shoppers, from insights gained from purchase data to in-store shopper behavior, and shopper behavior in the digital world. The winners in the time ahead will be those retailers best able to leverage these powerful new insights to compete.

Shopper Insights Are Critical

Industry Roadblocks

The two big roadblocks to retailers getting more out of shopper insights are 1) a lack of best practices and a clear roadmap, and 2) the deployment of new capabilities in-store to provide data on true shopper behavior. The good news is that solution costs for a wide range of new shopper insights are coming down all the time while capabilities increase.

Factors Driving Shopper Insights ROI

ROI on sales and purchase data insights is well established; retailers leveraging insights to power marketing personalization typically see an increase of 5% or more in customer purchasing, increases in shopping frequency, and retention over time. A big area of opportunity lies in overlaying in-store merchandising activity on top of shopper location analytics in the store, gaining an understanding of how specific brands, displays, or promotions impact conversion rates and driving increased category activity.


Report that the tools are too complex.


Have positive ROI due to monitored impact compared to 28% without monitoring.



11am PST | 2pm ET

Dennis Host


Vice President & Marketing

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