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Apply to Present

Application to present at Food City

Applications due June 14, 2019

July 25, 2019 event on-site at Food City HQ. All applicants will be notified regardless of acceptance. 


Join the Epicenter of Retail Innovation.

Apply to join in on the Future of Commerce on-site at Food City July 25, 2019*

Applications due June 14, 2019

*Presentation fees apply

Apply to Present

The Innovation Day at Food City

Join Retail Tomorrow at Food City this July. Our ON-SITE programs at leading retailers are designed to get you in front of the right decision makers and  break down organizational barriers to decision making. During these day-long events, you'll have 15 minutes to pitch present your solution product, and time to network & build relationships directly with the decision makers. Every solution is vetted by Food City so only companies that are of specific interest are accepted.  

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Apply to join Food City executives as they dive into what the future of commerce looks like. The Retail Tomorrow event is a full day on-site experience with educational speakers, key decision makers and presenting companies all coming together to make a difference for Food City customers and the partners.

Food City actually dates back to 1918 when a store was opened in Greeneville, Tennessee, but K-VA-T Food Stores’ official beginning took place in 1955 when founder Jack C. Smith--with his father, Curtis and uncle, Earl--opened the first store in Grundy, Virginia. Since that time, Food City has grown in leaps through the acquisition of several Piggly Wiggly operations in Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky, along with Quality Foods/Food City, White Stores, Winn Dixie and BI-LO units in east Tennessee.  The company has also grown steadily by expansion into new market areas while remodeling and replacing existing locations as needed to best serve their customers.

What's Inside? 

Apply to Present

The Applicants

Potential to present to the Food City Executive Team

Apply to the Innovation Day at Food City Headquarters

Apply to be featured at the on-site Innovation Day program at Food City's Headquarters in Virginia The forum helps key decision makers and decision influencers to move pilots, implementations and decisions forward faster. After being accepted you'll go through an extensive coaching process - We'll work with you on everything from your presentation deck to specific Food City requests to make sure you're set up for the greatest success at the event. 

Start Generating Leads...Directly

We've made it easier than ever to get in front of key decision makers at Food City. Accepted companies will be featured in a pre-program guide designed to educate Food City executives on your solution before you even get on-site. In addition to all of the program and marketing materials that will be given to executives at the event, you'll have the opportunity to present live directly to the decision makers and their teams with time to network afterwards. 

It Doesn't Stop There. 

After the on-site event, you'll be able to exchange contact information with executives interested in implementing your solution. We will work with you after the event, facilitating your relationships with Food CIty executives, ensuring open communication, appropriate follow up and continued growth opportunities. Retail Tomorrow, CART and GMDC collaborate with several trade publications, making presenters and pitch event finalists accessible and recognizable within the retail industry.


The Details 

Date: July 25, 2019

Time: 10:00 am – 4:45 pm

Participants: Food City executives across a number of different sectors including omni-channel, operations and marketers.


10:00-10:30am Introductions/Summary of Day and Goals 

10:30-11:00am Panel Discussion on Retail Innovation 

11:00-12:30am Marketing & eCommerce Technology

12:30-1:30 Lunch & Networking

1:30-3:00 Health & Wellness Technology

3:00-4:30 In-Store Automation Technology

4:30-4:45 Close

We were grateful to have CART and GMDC come in and bring such talent and innovation to us for our consideration. It really opens up your mind to what the possibilities are for the future and how it impacts the way we go to market, the way we interact with our customers and where we need to be and where the future is going...                               

Karen Gozzi | Wakefern Food Corp.

Social Media, Digital Advertising, and Content Creation 

Sterling and his team did an outstanding job organizing a technology day event that my company, Zest Labs, participated in. The event was well organized and well executed. Information about the event was well communicated and it went very smoothly and with positive results. Their team is great to work with and we look forward to working with them on future events... 

Kevin Payne | Zest Labs

Vice President of Marketing

It's been a great event sponsored by CART & GMDC. Hearing about all of the options that have been curated to come here and talk about what they do has been really eye-opening. I can see a lot of applications. I can see applications for us to partner with them and partner with grocers to move into the digital age.                                                       

Charisse Jacques | ATKearney

SVP Client Partner

Inside Innovation Days

Present to the Food City Decision Making Team

Focus Areas

Each Innovation Program has focus areas to make sure we meet the needs of the hosting retailers. 

This July, K-VA-T Food City is focused on:

Marketing & eCommerce

The leading regional chain looking for the latest innovative capabilities in marketing, eCommerce & eCommerce supply chain.

Health & Wellness

They're seeking to explore the latest solutions in health & wellness

In-Store Automation

Food City is looking for in-store automation capabilities to provide efficiency and improved operations. 

Other Retailers We Work With

The Retail Tomorrow Innovation Program helps give retailers educational information on technology to help shape future decisions which help keep companies moving forward.

Kevin Stafford | Food City

Vice President of Marketing