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The Retail Revolution: For Everything

Retail Revolution x Portland State was created to answer one central question posed to academics, entrepreneurs, economists, scientists, business professionals and a full house -- all dedicated to making The Future of Retail the best it can be. We've pulled speakers from vast perspectives, varying expertise, some fields you may not even have heard of yet. 

Join this curated events featuring the latest most innovative retail technologies as they develop and shape their stories

The Retail Revolution beyond the stage is where retail technology and enlightenment merge.

Application to Participate in the Retail Tomorrow Labs

Applications due August 1, 2019

All applicants will be notified regardless of acceptance


GMDC's Retail Tomorrow, Portland State University's Center for Retail Leadership, and MorningNewsBeat's Kevin Coupe have teamed up to host the first ever Retail Revolution Event.

This content based event will be sharing forward-looking ideas challenging our perceptions of the status quo. We'll be expanding the senses to engage with what's possible and will inspire a vibrant community of students and thought leaders into action to help shape The Future of Retail.





Date: October 24, 2019

For the past two years, GMDC’s Retail Tomorrow initiative has endeavored to answer this question.  With immersion conferences that have traveled from Silicon Valley, Seattle and Los Angeles to New York and Boston, featuring innovators and disruptors with pedigrees that include Amazon, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Tesla, Retail Tomorrow has embraced the possibilities and even the ambiguities of the future, defining not just best practices, but next practices.

At the Portland State University, the Center for Retail Leadership has for more than a decade worked to rewrite the retail narrative by putting thought leaders from both business and academia together with students - the new story is one of retail as a place where ideas can come to life, where business can be more than a source of products, but also a resource for shoppers.  At PSU, the conviction always has been retail is a place where students can do more than find their futures - they also can create and define the future.

Now, GMDC’s Retail Tomorrow and PSU’s Center for Retail Leadership are coming together for a unique and dynamic event - Retail Tomorrow @ PSU - that on October 24, 2019, will look to define all these terms and tell these stories in an engaging and interactive format featuring a roster of thought leaders who are not just talking about these issues, but addressing them and embracing them and reshaping them on a daily basis.  This conference will define retail not as a noun, but as a verb - active, passionate, and disruptive, taking place across channels and via cutting edge technologies and deeply committed people, and affecting shoppers’ minds and hearts.  And, it will be an entirely customer-centric experience, working from the core belief that empowered consumers are in control now more than ever, and will become even more so in the weeks, months and years to come.

There will be short-format talks.  Live podcasts.  Panel discussions.  Audience participation.  A “Proving Ground” element where local disruptors will blow attendees’ minds with their ideas for retail innovation.  And, a Happy Hour where you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir or local craft beer and mingle with our guests, speakers and other participants.

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There are two pretty good bets.  One is that it will look nothing like the retail world of just a few short years ago.  The other is that it won’t even look much like retail today.  

Retail Tomorrow - and leadership that will make it happen, will, however, be on display on October 24 at the Retail Tomorrow @ PSU event, at Portland’s iconic Revolution Hall.

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