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Transforming the Impossible:

Recent articles have identified that online order out-of-stocks are an estimated 15%, double that of in-store. Out-of-stocks have been a perennial problem for supermarket retailers, costing sales and shoppers. The opportunity to reclaim lost sales, improve operational efficiencies, and provide a great shopping experience has never been greater as grocery shopping surges online.  New approaches are helping retailers transform the impossible and improve in-stock levels while improving collaboration with key vendor partners. Join us for a powerful webinar to transform the impossible.


  • Discover new technology categories drastically impacting in-stock levels. 
  • Hear directly from retailers on best practices that have made a measurable difference for their business. 
  • An approach for supporting in-stock products in-store and e-commerce fulfilled from stores. 

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Featured Speakers

Gary Hawkins


CEO and Co-Founder

Transforming the Impossible: 

Out of Stocks 

A new approach to keeping stores stocked and improving the shopping experience     

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"What's important at the grocery store is just as important in engines or medical systems. If the customer isn't satisfied, if the stuff is getting stale, if the shelf isn't right, or if the offerings aren't right, it's the same thing."

– Jack Welch

Sterling Hawkins


Head of Venture & Innovation

-$1.1 Trillion

Overstocks and out-of-stocks cost retailers $1.1 trillion globally in lost revenue.

**according to a new study from IHL Group, commissioned by OrderDynamics.

Out of stocks are a major issue

Out-of-stocks (OOS) have been an issue for as long as there has been modern retailing. Countless studies have estimated the problem to be significant with an estimated 8% of the typical supermarket’s products unavailable at any given time.

eCommerce pressure demands retailers address now!

When a shopper in-store finds a sought-after product is not available they can consider other choices while they are standing in front of the shelf. The online shopper does not have this opportunity; either the eCommerce shoppers must call the shopper to discuss options for the out of stock product or they simply don’t fulfill that item. Either way it leads to an inefficient and poor customer experience.

Out-of-stocks: A BIG opportunity for retailers

Reducing out-of-stocks leads to immediate increases in sales for the retailer. But even more important is that reducing OOS creates an improved shopping experience for customers and reducing the risk of customer defection caused by not finding the products they want.

Technology to the rescue

Out of stocks have long resisted efforts to improve the situation. Many approaches have been tried, including improved forecasting methods and even carrying more store-level inventory, all without any noticeable impact. Innovative solutions using latest tech capabilities though are finally impacting out of stocks, opening up a major opportunity for retailers.


of customer who experience sa third OOS in the same store, will go to another store and may not return for any more purchases in the future.

3.2 % 

Lost Revenue

Overstocks are responsible for 3.2 percent in lost revenue for the average retailer, and out-of-stocks, 4.1 percent.

50 % Loss in sales

  • Out -of-stocks may cost retailers sales, with 50% of those shoppers going to a different store to purchase the item; 38% foregoing the item; 14% buying a different item at the store instead; and 12% buying a different brand or size.


Bill Lecznar


Co-Founder & CEO

Scott Sherwood

Southeastern Grocers

Senior Manager-Merchandising Business Support 

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