CART recently announced our Retail Innovation Pitch Event during which we received hundreds of applications that were vetted by panelists representing about 15,000 stores. We cast a pretty large net to see what retailers, wholesalers and brands were most interested in. 
This event was focused on the supermarket sector with panelists representing companies like Albertson’s, Unified Wholesale and Lowe’s Foods. Any startup was welcome to apply at no cost as long as they were at least at a proof of concept stage. We saw everything from 3D printed food, virtual reality based eCommerce, robotic delivery, employee wearables and many more across every imaginable stage. Given the sheer volume, CART processed the initial applications to make sure applicants met the appropriate criterion. 
Panelists then spent hours reviewing each solution from advance materials and webinars and not surprisingly, there were several that floated to the top. There were ten main areas through which the applicants were scored including: target market, problem or need, solution details, team, stability, competition, business model, strategy, engagement potential and an all inclusive, overall score. We then added up the total scores, which decided the winner. 
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And now, meet the Retail Innovation Pitch Event 2016 winner: Wyzerr. 

Finalist: VIRT


Virt is a small startup on a big mission - to make the world feel like a closer place in virtual reality. Based in Las Vegas, they're developing virtual reality and robotics innovatoins to bring people, places, and experiences together. 
Download the VIRT overview deck:

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The Winner of the Retail Innovation Pitch Event 2016 is...

Wyzerr is the modern way to capture customer feedback. Smartforms harness the power of artificial intelligence to take all of your customer feedback - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and recycle them into powerful insight to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

We all know retail is changing. Leading retailers, wholesalers and brands are looking for what's next. Is it you? 

From several hundred applicants to Wyzerr.

Retail Innovation Pitch Event 2016

Winner: Wyzerr

Wyzerr isThe Most Innovative Tool To Collect Consumer Feedback 
When consumers share their story, they’re not just sharing pain points. They’re actually providing personal insight on how to make your product, service, and brand better. Wyzerr utilizes highly interactive engagement platforms to obtain consumer feedback data, thus creating better dialogue between brands and consumers. Our platforms are Fun, Fast, Engaging, & Mobile-optimized to provide actionable reviews and ratings. 
Current consumer feedback options are long, tedious and not mobile optimized, which leads to extremely low response rates overall for brands and businesses. Only 26% of their customers actually open the surveys, while less than 1% of those that open it will go on to complete the survey. That’s a meager .04% (4 in every 10,000 consumers ) completion rate. 
Our platforms are delivered directly to the customers for engagement on mobile phones via interactive push notifications or through on-sight digital touch displays creating a compelling experience for consumers.
Download the Wyzerr overview deck:



Finalist: Kitchology

Kitchology is a startup headquarters in Maryland ad is the first company to create an integrated cooking platform for the 160 million people dealing with food allergies and special diets. 
We federated 250 food allergy bloggers to help us power the platform. We have 250,000 monthly users, growing at 40% quarter to quarter.  Kitchology is  the 2016 Maryland Incubator Company of the Year in the Consumer Products Category, the 2016 USA Creative Business Cup Winner. We are in active discussions with brands and retailers, some already using our platform.
Download the Kitchology overview deck:

Finalist: Doorstat

DoorStat is a team of developers, consultants, & analytics specialists that help businesses collect, analyze, & benefit from detailed information about their customers and customer behavior. DoorStat data collection primarily focuses on the gender, age, ethnicity, & mood of customers, in addition to foot traffic behavior for specialized projects or long-term engagements. For retail businesses or similar establishments, DoorStat sets up proprietary sensors at pedestrian doorways or points of interest where the technology automatically analyzes foot traffic & associated demographic info for attendees through software. Because customers are passively analyzed, DoorStat collects information on more customers than would be possible through surveys, other forms of technology, or high-overhead initiatives. DoorStat data helps retailers improve customer experience, optimize staffing/operations, validate marketing efforts, identify customer/product correlations, & predict future behavior.
Download the Doorstat overview deck:

Finalist: Everfave

Everfave is the industry-leading social and mobile platform. Users use Everfave to discover, share and get rewards engaging with their friends. Everfave is available on the App Store and Google Play. 
Businesses use Everfave to get more customers and increase their sales. From large national franchises to rapidly growing small businesses, we're proud to work with great businesses across the country. Everfave works with growth businesses across 15 different industries.
Download the Everfave overview deck:

Finalist: umaSKIN

umaSKIN is the provider of the multi-touch digital signage solution SKIN semantic wall. Uma was founded in 1994 in Austria, but has been a globally thinking company in its 22 years of existence. 
Being an awarded leader of innovation within our field, we have been able to provide high end solutions to MNC’s as well as small and mid sized companies in the DACH region, the UK and the US as well as in the CEE market. 
Our expertise lies in semantic content aggregation combined with multi-user multi-touch interaction.
Download the umaSKIN overview deck: